Our favorite labrador Avto

The Motohotel had always been a welcoming place, with its comfortable rooms and friendly staff. But now, it had a new addition that was stealing the show - Avto, the charming black Labrador.

Avto had quickly become a favorite among guests, with his warm eyes and wagging tail greeting everyone who walked through the door. He was always up for a good game of fetch or a belly rub, and his playful nature was infectious.

But as much as Avto loved attention, there were a few rules that had to be followed. As a domestic dog, he was not allowed to roam outside without a leash, and guests were reminded to keep a close eye on him to prevent any accidents.

Avto was also on a strict diet of dry food, and signs were posted throughout the hotel reminding guests not to feed him. Despite this, he was a master at acting out his desire for treats, using his big brown eyes and adorable expressions to tug at the heartstrings of anyone who crossed his path.

But even with his charming ways, Avto's health was always the top priority. Any deviation from his diet could cause serious harm, so it was important to follow the rules and keep him healthy and happy.

Despite the restrictions, Avto continued to win over the hearts of guests, with many falling in love with him and promising to return just to see him again. He had become a beloved member of the Motohotel family, bringing joy and happiness to everyone who crossed his path.

As Avto lay contentedly at the feet of the receptionist, his tail wagging happily, it was clear that he had found his forever home. And as for the guests, they knew that they would always have a loyal friend waiting for them whenever they returned to the Motohotel.